Silken Windhound

Rain, rain go away because Babu hates it

Thank goodness the rain has stopped as I can now get Babu to go out. It does not look good when you are dragging your dog out the front door and closing the door as fast as possible so that he cannot get back in. He does not like the rain, especially the heavy endless rain we have had in  the last few days. A light shower, once you are out on a walk is ok, if a bit annoying. However constant rain is to be avoided if you are my dog. I admit I am not great on rain but having got ready, coat, hood, boots etc it would be good if your dog was just a little bit joyful that you will be taking him for a good walk. But no Babu digs in his heels and sits down and looks at me like I am the mad woman of South Mimms. I have tried a bribe to get him out, a celebration and feed when we come back but no, he has decided that rain is for frogs and he would rather stay inside and wait until he decides that the weather is just right and all is fine with the world, thank you very much.


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